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“Usual Ways”

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A night in is being had this evening. We’ve outdone ourselves this week. It is small miracle our body is still functioning given that we’ve probably accumulated less sleep over the past seven days than we did at SXSW. We have been having a swell time, don’t get us wrong; the last week has been invariably rad largely thanks to a number of people and one in particular. But yes. For the remainder of this day, we must rest. Give sleep a chance. We are gonna sleep reeeeeeeeeeal well tonight let us tell ya. Cool shit has been happening work-wise too. Some interesting conversations and indeed agreements have taken place. We want to spill the beans with you right now; such are the inevitable pitfalls of being in possession of one of the biggest mouths in the world. But we can’t because we will potentially fuck a lot of shit up. Something that we can generally blurt out about is that today we got to hang with our pedigree Scottish chum, and quite possibly the tallest man OF ALL TIME, Ally McCrae-cray and we’re gearing our heads towards the next Killing Moon compilation collaborative effort. That means we’ve started to think about it. Look out y’all.  Hey, you know what else is Scottish? These guys Casino Circus. They’re from Aberdeen. Our other-Scottish compadre Ben Soep gave us the low-down on what Aberdeen is all about. Accents and everything. It sounds cool. Anyway, from what we know – which of course is borderline fuck-all – these kids are on the up, and so naturally being the opportunistic corporate bastards we are we aspire to be, WE WANT IN. Getting our ears clapped all over current Track Of The Day Usual Ways leaves a resonance of Verses doing The Wombats doing The Hearts doing Sons & Lovers. Which is possibly the nicest way to round off this week. Have a thudding great weekend.

Casino Circus – Usual Ways


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