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Let it be known to all those that give a fuck that we are probably the greatest karaoke performer OF. ALL. TIME. Last night. Oh our science the last few days have radder than…something pretty rad, but last night may well steal the heavyweight championship belt in respect of just how much fun was had. There is a rather swagged-out cocktail bar at the top of the Exmouth Arms in/near Farringdon that resulted in us trying something other than margaritas for the first time in what feels like ages. Cucumbers and shit. Margaritas are sooooooo 2013. Such was the broadening of our alcoholic palette, largely thanks to some of the most pleasant company we’ve enjoyed in (again) what feels like ages, that of course karaoke was always going to happen. The aforementioned company sought to test our might by way of dangling this in our chudsey mugs as some kinda challenge. Well, they got schooled. We’re fucking incredible at karaoke, especially following a cocktail bar sesh. Whitney Houston, Fiddy… we crush that shit on the reg. And….AND…. they had At The Drive In at this place. We’re not even kidding. We coasted through One Armed Scissor three times consecutively; meaning our midday role-playing sessions in the office where we crank up Relationship Of Command, much to the current dismay of Ben Soep who has claimed that we have indeed ruined that album for him given we play it pretty much all the time (sorry man), and use one of the edges of the sofa as a make-shift monitor as if we ARE indeed Cedric Bixler, have indeed been worth it. So, although we are once again sleep-deprived and no amount of caffeine seems capable of making this hangover surrender to normality, we’re nevertheless feeling reeeeeeeeeal good today – which is good news, given we’ve got our new thingy with Livenation at The Kings Head in Haggerston starting tonight (we’ve always wondered what it’d be like to have our own private members club…which is nice) and it would be pretty shite of us to bail on account of the aforementioned. Appropriate soundtracking arriveth in form of new guy Craig Dearing, and the aptly-titled by way of our general vibe today Track Of The Day Warm. Craig is from Yorkshire. On his Soundcloud page, he states he is “just doing what [he] loves”. Way to go Craig. That’s more than most people do in their entire lives. It just so happens to be the case that Craig’s shit is legit. Legit-good, that is. Stepping outside the bounds of folk-pop that might otherwise make us think of your twee-core James Bay‘s, George Ezra‘s, Sivu‘s etc, this kid seems to have got the plague of prog infecting his songwriting. And there ain’t nothing wrong with that at all; we’ve listened through to these works maybe 3 or 4 times consecutively, and it’s not exactly easy to identify what this sounds like. Which, of course, is one of the chief reasons why we’re digging so hard on it right now. By way of context, we’ll cite that this sits pretty between the sounds eminating from the likes of Mystery Jets, Frank Black and overall layered with the musical sentiments of Alt J were they to grow tired of rinsing the electronics. Engage.

Craig Dearing – Warm


Craig Dearing – Strange World

Craig Dearing – Bones

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