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Nico Cara
“Sing Me To Sleep”

Nico Cara

Happy Mother’s Day yo. We’ve had a particularly lazy one and it feels thudding great. Being the epitome of brilliance that Mama KM is – plaudits include birthing us, putting up with us, funding/feeding us, and generally being the only woman in our life that hasn’t ever let us down (and, for some reason, she still showers us in love and affection despite the fact that we’re clearly on the fucking take all the time) – we’ve just had our tummy packed out with some ridiculous dim sum action. Welcome to flavour country. Being the mild holiday from life that this weekend has been, or rather our plans actually going according to themselves for what feels like the first time in a while, we’re not filled with our usual sense of dread upon opening the inbox and clicking through various demo links. Anyway, it being our mudda’s big day, this one goes out to her. And of course, by that we really mean it’s about us. We were somewhat mindblown by receiving musical telemetry from a chappy from up t’north (Yorkshire, in fact) who is called Nico Cara, which historically in our minds has relevance to two friends of ours. Given that we’ve spent a lot of time this week making patterns out of an elaborate series of seeming-coincidences, we may as well chuck into the mix that this guy, allegedly under the age of 20, looks a hell of a lot like Sam Faulker’s genius little bro Joey. This means nothing to you, but everything to us. Anyway, so far so good Nico. Music-wise, we’re pretty sure this guy does more than ok. Sing Me To Sleep being the demo that it is nonetheless displays songwriting and melodic characteristics we’d identify with The Kooks (they’re back, and there ain’t nothing wrong with that) coupled with the charming-meekness of that bloke from The 1975. Add to this that he’s rocking the whole acoustic-troubadour ensemble, and you can quite easily see this standing all tippy-toe’d next to the likes of Rhodes, Sivu, George Ezra. You know what we mean. Listen up.

Nico Cara – Sing Me To Sleep

And here’s a viddy vid. Kid got pipes.


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