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We were ultimately defeated by jetlag last night. It happens, occasionally. Having spent a great deal of time bumming around with Ian Butterworth, we were delighted to be around his person during his moment of glory when he discovered he had won the iTunes Festival thingy, which overall meant that he had a plus one for Coldplay yesterday evening. Being the sort of people that like to shoot from the hip in general, we took it upon ourselves to shotgun the aforementioned plus one, much to the dismay of David Adams who would have been gutted anyway because he is blagging his way through any and all SXSW shows given that he refused to purchase a million-dollar music badge. It was good. We fell asleep during main support Imagine Dragons, although we remained conscious enough to decided that we don’t actually hate them after all. Stumbling into Buffalo Billiards following seeing Rare Monk for the first time seemed like a pretty good idea at that point; subsequently discovering that we were so fatigued that we were struggling to either initiate or indeed maintain a normal conversation with the vast majority of the British music industry contingent that had co-incidentally settled in the same spot made us revise the merits of such endeavours. We had a relavtively early night crashing out at the semi-respectible time of 2am. This played to our advantage today, however, and enduring the best sleep we’ve had in the last 72 hours meant we rose early to try and imbibe some cool-ass new music. Grabbing some (free) brekkie bbq at Iron Works on Red River Street (the next time someone asks if you’re a band, just say yes. Apparently you then get free food for being apparently impoverished) with our long-missed buddy James Hall, shortly after Sam Faulkner alerted us to a Canadian band called Royal Canoe that he was losing his shit to at the Nettwerk party. It’s probably right and proper to admit that we didn’t actually catch this show; however, rest assured that after just now having heard Exodus Of The Year for the first time, we intend to rectify this as soon as possible given that we’re more or less entirely now suckered in by their Team Me-inclined take on the more emotive types that we’re into, along the lines of Jimmy Eat World circa-Clarity era and a wee hint of Elliot Smith. Further listening to additional tracks makes us think that these guys might well be into their Hot Chip as well, and take the sexiness ratings around the tracks to the next level. Delightful.

Royal Canoe – Exodus Of The Year


Royal Canoe – Just Enough

Royal Canoe – Stemming

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