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We landed in Austin circa 6pm local time yesterday evening having spent several thousand hours traversing the Atlantic on one of BA’s fancy-ass direct flights. Which sounds like a whine, but it isn’t. We lucked out by way of being sat next to Mr John Rostron himself (if you don’t know him, GET TO KNOW) and delighted in catching up at several film-break intervals (we crushed 12 Years A Slave and Dallas Buyer’s Club, opting to get all the emo options out of the way rather than putting ourselves through the same situation on the return flight at which point we will probably be incredibly depressed/enduring the comedown of the century) over a packet of Harribo. We promptly met up with several people we haven’t seen in an age and engaged in Air Hockey with them in the wee hours of the (local) morning. Suffice to say we’re not feeling our usual 110% today, but the sun is shining and thus beckoned us out to see some actual music. We had a brain wave about half an hour ago where we decided it might be a good idea to blog some stuff that we’re lucky enough to see out here. Not the most original idea in the world, but a bloody good one nonetheless. First band of SXSW for us was these guys (and a gal) called Wet. We saw them at The Spotify House about an hour ago as a bonus-round to a pre-planned meeting with a nice guy called Mark who works for Spotify, and for the record he wants to get real close to the artists you work with, so we’re inclined to let him. Anyway. Wet. They were just the hit we needed to put the spring back in our step; not abrasive at all, but more like gently instilling vigour back into our dishevelled person like the gentlemen (and gentlelady) that they air. Ethereal tones were rife and a crowd were suitably entranced by the band’s Imogen Heap via Solange delightfulness. Sorted us right out. Check out You’re The Best and Dreams below, which were pretty convinced has already torn up the blogosphere long before we ever got wind of this lot. See ya in a bit.

Wet – You’re The Best

Wet – Dreams

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