Second Stab: Fé
“Turn Your Light On” / Lyger
“Power Struggle”

round two 1

We’ve been a bit quiet the last few days. Been ruddy ill, innit. Everyone seems to be a bit ill. Tell you what – Thursday night did naaaaaaaaaaaaay help at all. We got happy. Real happy. Off to the Electrowerkz venue we toddled to catch Flavia aka Foreign Skin dish out some electronic dreamy waves complete with trppy-ass swagged-out visuals, shortly after which we managed to completely lose both Will Blake and Jon Mac who were super keen to pop along next door to see Young Fathers. We on the other hand legged it across to Camden just in the nick of time to catch up with our ostensible Killing Moon family, and coincidentally a couple of hundy people who decided to ram out the Barfly – much to the surprise of our otherwise-nightmarish outlook on the attendence prospects of our second curatory installment at said-venue earlier on in the week, when a second tube stike threatened to fuck up our big party in a very real sense (the TfL gods have since decided to smile kindly upon our crummy operation) – to catch our darlings Racing Glaciers play what is very likely in our minds the best show they have ever played  thus far. We honestly cannot wait to see them boom it up further in March when they rock out with Dan Croll on the proverbial road. Anyway, did we mention that we’ve not been very well? Cool. To make up for it, here’s four artists we’ve previously featured as championship-belt Track Of The Day title-holders on this man’s blog; who have, funnily enough, been making more music far more recently than that. WUT.


That beard. That shirt. That bloke in the shades and kinda-vintage Addidas jacket standing behind the bloke with that beard and that shirt. That train. That field. That skyline. That messed-up-overexposure edge effect. It’s safe to say that London’s have got some great ideas, and generally have “it” going on. A&R Clark felt the need to bang on about these guys so much to the extent that we just had to give him the blog-keys and let him unleash his love-bleatings onto the internet-world-at-large vicariously through Golden Silvers‘-tinged Time. Now that A&R Clark is, um, retired, it is up to us to keep this party going. In differenciation to the plinky-stringed electronic-beats laden effort of last time, we’re finding ourselves drawn in by the wall-of-noise buildy-uppy downbeatness of new offering Turn Your Light On – which to us sound like U2‘s With Or Without You clashing with Bowie‘s Heros and the self-depricationcore of White Lies. What the hell is not to like here?

Fé – Turn Your Light On


We’ve recently been told by someone very close to us that we should stop being so smugly-showboaty in claiming how far in advance we’re aware of a particular artist before our ostensible peers. To be fair, we don’t really ever say that in such a direct sense; rather we just reference the date that we wrote about a band that the person we just happen to be talking with about that particular artist, thereby alluding to the same effect and leaving us blame-free in the smug-ass stakes. Anyway, seeing as we’re clearly trying to break that habit right now, we’ll just that we think Nymph Lyger are real good and we are super glad to see them doing real well. Power Struggle is reaching the same national radio heights as previous hard-rocking offering Stroke did; but in our mind this really represents a strong step up in recorded output for the West London three piece. Specifically, Power Struggle is still retentive of the grungey elements that we’ve regarded them for the last…well, since we’ve known them but heading into bolder territories in terms of production, vocal stamping and melodically-heavy riffage; think of Nirvana evolving into Queens Of The Stone Age territory. Promise us you’ll think about it.

Lyger – Power Struggle

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