“Cloud 69”


It’s Sunday “work” club y’all. We haven’t done this in an age, or what feels like one anyway. We got our mood lighting on. We’ve nailed some sushi. 6Music is plodding along in the background. Such are the conditions that we typically require in order to optimise our weird inclination to ultimately do what makes us the happiest – music shite. Some people call it work, but for us, weirdly, all this stuff – emails, intermittent phone calls, writing a blog post, placing music in the background that is significant enough to captivate one’s imagination but also not significant enough to provide a distraction from any of the aforementioned activities – feels like home to us. Or at least that’s what we got up to in most of our spare waking moments at (our parental) home. Perhaps it’s by the virtue of the fact that we narrowly missed out on going back to our actual home this weekend that we have a desire to recreate these conditions. Anyway, this Sunday we are happily content, which makes a change from weekends-recent whereby we were so on edge that getting out of bed hardly seemed worth the bother. Appropriate boisterous and go-get-em sound tracking comes in form of new-ish Track Of The Day Cloud 69 by Toronto-based Lowell, who apparently likes to reside in London every so often. She’d have good reason to. By virtue of her cutting-edge cool-as-fuck pop anthems – originally cultivated a little while back with production outfit Apparatjik and their Presents project (look that up and tell us all about it if you know more about it; we obviously know very little about this and a great many other things) – which are being released in form of a debut EP entitled I Killed Sara V (from which our current Track Of The day is lifted as lead track) on 25th February via the Arts & Craft label, from our position we can see this cruising through a great deal of online tastemaker outlets. Indeed, Amazing Radio and Crack In The Road are already banging on about how ruddy brilliant this is. And why not? With righteous comparisons to the cream of the clever-pop crop being cited left right and centre – think SantigoldMIA and MNDR spliced with the raw-power production edge of Sleigh Bells, and an unashamedly-thick American vocal, bratty and beautful like Be Your Own Pet, we’re all too happy to fall behind and get behind this one. Especially with a strong look such as the one above.

Lowell – Cloud 69

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