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We think we might owe Addison Lee an apology. Not for anything particularly bad, mind. We didn’t shit, foul, or otherwise mess up one of their spicy cabs. No, we would never do that. It’s just that given that we vaguely remember stumbling in around the 4/5am mark last night. and having woken up about, oh, half an hour or so ago, you can imagine our mental state can be described as fragile at best; so imagine our surprise on opening our inbox to reveal no fewer than 5 cab receipts, some of which lead us to believe that we got one car from Coda Agency’s gaff to Euston Square, and apparently back exactly the same way a mere half an hour later. It’s like we decided that we wanted to traverse the eastern and centralised parts of London exclusively via the medium of cab for no reason in particular. Well, that was money well-spent. This is in addition to a number of events which we are progressively recollecting slowly but surely that took place between 6pm yesterday evening and the aforementioned ungodly hour, a lot of which we’d rather forgot given that we may have allowed alcohol and fatigue to get the better of us at several stages. It happens. Respite by way of song title and pacifying vibes comes in form of current Track Of The Day Undiscover by Sydney duo Twin Caverns. This intriguing musical unit is composite of the collision between two solo artists – one guy called Michael Macias who likes to produce beats and that under the name Feanor, and one girl called Louise Millar who likes to sing and perform under the name, somewhat surprisingly, Louise Millar – and the result is something reminiscent of the  super-chill electronic/euphoric offered up by the likes of Ministry back in the early 90’s (which to be fair we only vaguely recall, given that we were more a football person than a music person back in those days). Splice this with more modern contemporaries, and we are left thinking of London Grammar clashing with Daughter and Sia from her Zero 7 days.

Twin Caverns – Undiscover

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