“The Cugine”


This is absolutely one of those Fridays – given the preceeding four days of hell (in one sense, in many others we’ve had a real swell time) we’ve just had – where we’re purposefully moving about….dunno, 20-30% slower on things than usual. Email responses are being staggered. Phone calls are being delayed. Certain meetings have been cancelled; and not even by us, so we’re gathering that other people are in a similar mindset to our own today. Which is cool. We’re taking a good half an hour longer (or rather, half an hour at all) to eat our delicious Moroccan spicy chicken (jeah) wrap available from one of several marketing stalls in Hammersmith Square (which we know isn’t actually called Hammersmith Square, and is in fact called something else, but hopefully you get the idea).  So, basically, everything is as calm as a Hindu cow for the time being – and so suitable Track Of The Day listing comes from a name that we apparently added to our to-check-out list a while back (but of course have only got round to doing what we were supposed to that while ago), which just so happens to be a London guy and/or guys called Juice. It took us fucking ages to look this up online. Well-played, boy and/or boys. As is customary, we know little-to-nowt about this set up other than what we can read from this-here music video for recently-surfaced tune The Cugine. We like the word “cugine”. We don’t know what it means. Urban dictionary tells us that a cugine is either a New York brawler type who likes to wear tracksuits, gold chains and a lot of hair gel with tendencies lending themselves to the aggressive, or a person ascending the ranks within the Mafia organisation. Perhaps the two are linked. What is certain is that we don’t ever want to meet a cugine. Setting nomenclature connotations aside, the music brings us back to circa 2009-2010, when lo-fi (or, as we liked to called it, recession music) was rife and Transparent was king of the blogs. We imagine this to be the sort of end result should Eels, Sir Sly, The Stone Roses and The Proper Ornaments all buddy up together to form a Wu Lyf affectiondo unit. We think it’s pretty juicy. Enjoy your weekend.


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