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How’s it going? Yeah, we’re good ta. Slept like a mofucker last night. Feeling funky fresh, which is convenient because we have a serious amount of shash to be getting on with on this sunny-crisp wintery-ass day. So short are we on time that we just had a few things playing in the background at KMHQ in order to ascertain what today’s Track Of The Day offering should be. Seemingly out of nowhere, our ears pricked up and our eyeballs became fixed on the stereo as free-to-download-single Lawman by Dublin people Girl Band cropped up. Not only did this track work with us in this rare blast of energy we seem to be carrying today, it inadvertently carried on a sort-of theme of the week whereby we appear to be featuring artists and/or tracks that have the law as some kinda nomenclature theme. Make of that what you will. We also find ourselves slightly gutted that seemingly a large chunk of the prominent online world has gotten behind this long before (a week or two is like a year or five in blog-world, you see) we even became aware of this crunchy groove – nevermind, it’s only pride – but also we completely managed to miss out on their recent London show at Old Blue Last. What were we doing instead? Whining, slapping, teasing, drinking, singing-off-key. Take your pick. Could’ve been anything. With prior props from online big-dogs Pitchfork and Line Of Best Fit, it’s relatively safe to say that this lot are out there and very much on the up; not least of all aided by the ambitious electro-rock vibes presented within the construct of Lawman. There’s almost an industrial edge to this lot as well. Think Death From Above 1979 meets LCD Soundsystem meets Queens Of The Stone Age. Cos that’s what we’re thinking. Think our thoughts.

Girl Band – Lawman

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