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We Can Swim
“A House Built On Lies (ft. One Glove)”

We Can Swim

A relatively chilled-out vibe has settled o’er Fort Killing Moon this real-crisp winter date. Comparatively-speaking of course; mainly because we’ve lucked out today and didn’t have to move very far and/or rapidly at all from our Captain’s chair. Don’t get us wrong, it is still stressful as fuck around here. It’s good stress. In that good things are constantly happening to us and ours. Everyone seems, well, pretty happy with how its all going. Morale is at an all-time high because of this; it’s just that in contrast to exactly how much is going on (and trust us, the world just keeps piling it on us more and more. Thanks, world. Thanks a lot) there’s a few more baggy eyelids and a lot more yawning expressions around the office. Almost as if we’re all sitting about permanently fucked on our own personal drug of choice in a perpetual state of gorm, which we like to call “doing all sorts of shit”. At this rate, going into rehab doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen any time soon. Anyway, the next music hit comes in form of a slickly-produced number from a guy (assuming it’s a guy. We’d like to be pleasantly surprised at some point soon with a girl proficient at this producer/DJing game that we can tell all and sundry about. They all seem to be dudes, hence our somewhat arrogant assumption in this case) called We Can Swim, with a track called A House Built On Lies. Heck, there could be a whole bunch of them for all we know. Probably the less we know at this point the better, given all the other stuff we have to remember right now. So, anyway, we know sweet fuck-all about this person-what-can-swim other than what we can hear on these embeddable players, and that it might be a spin-off from another producery project called yh – who we know even less about so we’ll put a pin in that one straight away. There is a distinct simplicity in the composition, in stark contrast to the incredibly impressive degree of production quality that we can detect here; with the addition of some equally-slick-but-no-less-emotive topline vocals from a girl (again, so we assume) called One Glove (RIGHT. ON.), our thoughts are left trailing to an artistic entity not worlds removed from that of Paramore, Ellie Goulding, Lights or Owl City. Add in a few computer game noises and you might be approaching Draper or Postal Service territory. This is what we’d like to call accessible indie-pop, or indeed just the sort of pop that we can really see ourselves getting behind. Love to know what you think.

We Can Swim – A House Built On Lies ft. One Glove

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