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If you get just over/under two hours sleep, let us tell you, life gets HARD. Things that we take for granted, such as talking, standing up, and making the tea, become nigh on impossible as your brain cannot possibly comprehend the complexities of such activities. Ironically, we can form highly articulated sentences using big words with relative ease; it is the simpler stuff like “hello” and “how are you” that we seem to really be struggling with. It fuckin’ sucks. We were in a perpetual state of gorm for most of the weekend (checking out The Wolf Of Wall Street really didn’t seem to help proceedings in this respect. Sure, it’s awesome, but it is LONG. And you KNOW IT), meaning inherently we could have quite easily slept for a full 48 hours. There we were – Sunday night. All tucked in and ready for slumberville. Then it was fucking 4am and we found ourselves wide awake and trying to figure out what we had forgotten to do by way of prep for this week. We still haven’t figured it out. Anyway, injecting a shot of sonic adrenaline into our person, and fucking hell we need it right now, is ‘Toon two-piece Gallery Circus and their balls-out rocky number Supercell. As a stark coinky-dink this track is out today as a self-release ahead of these guys playing a headline their native township’s Head Of Steam venue on the 25th of this month. Smashing. Two-piece bluesy rock bands. So hot right now, right? We’ve been over this a couple of times, and indeed it would feel wrong in many respects to not throw some props to Royal Blood at this stage for spearheading proceedings in this respect over the last 12 months, given that in our mind our protagonists here seem ready, willing and indeed able to rock out just as hard. However, also in our rather-fatigued-and-frequently-over-imaginative mind, we like to think this is what Royal Blood might have turned out like if they were unashamedly into their Anvil or Spinal Tap kinda metal. With Josh Homme somehow getting roped into it; indeed there is a dash of Queens Of The Stone Age littered somewhere in this composition. Also, the video makes us dizzy. Check it out.

Gallery Circus – Supercell

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