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Second Stab: Cheerleader
“New Daze” / Years & Years

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Feels like we haven’t done one of these revisitation-style Second Stab pieces for a bit. We won’t bore you with the why’s and what-if’s. You know the shit we get up to on the reg. Given the stuff that we’re supposed to be doing today we’re quite frankly surprised we’ve got the 20-odd minutes spare to ply into this right now. Perhaps it is because we weren’t terribly productive yesterday. Sure, we went for a walk. We went to the pub, of course. We watched Life of Pi for the first time, comfortably bringing us into touch with the zillions of people who have been banging on about how incredible it is for ages (we tried watching it once whilst visiting our parents round about this time last year, but we were very much in the habit of collapsing on the living room sofa. Call that a sanctuary of sorts). Productive in one way, really not in another. This is because, yes friends, we were hanging out of our balls. It was Jerry Laissez Faire Club’s birthday. We went to a Russian restaurant in Earl’s Court. We’ve never been to one before. They do vodka in several fruity flavours and they don’t believe in singular shot denominations, which we suspect is a mere justification for charging a fiver a pop for those bad-boys. We had caviar, and were suitably berated by Chris Duncan for being a bit of a show-off. He may have a point. Perhaps we just like treating people. A fuck, however, we do not really give. Anyway, here’s some new bits from people that we rate and that have also received the coveted Killing Moon Track Of The Day in the recent-past. Cheers.


Summery dreamy-pop vibes ASSEMBLE. Not exactly a new offering from those sunshiniest of Philidelphian men Cheerleader – and what men they are. Judging by the lengthy-haired-denimed-jacketed-and-occasionally-bearded ensemble that admittedly we managed to miss the first time round writing about New Daze, we should really be friends with this spicy troupe. What you do have this time round is a video. There’s a bit of stop-motion; a bit of blue skies; a bit of driving about; a bit of scenery-viewing through a window that really should receive a clean given the amount of crap that has congealed on the surface. And there is that utter tune littered atop it all. What the hell is there not to like? Have a watch.


Years & Years

Now, we could have sworn previous to clapping our eyes on the above image that there was a greater indiginous population within the good ship Years & Years. Then again, we could be wrong and attempting to invent the past. What we’re on the affirmative understanding of, however, is that these guys are starting to do what we like to call “break”. Before receiving a nudge from Mr Chris Fraser (delightful to see you in the flesh this week just gone you handsome devil) at the tail end of this week, new Turn Firster Carly Morris (who has been known to make terrible jokes via email in the early days of her tenure with our lot) has also been sighted banging on about how much she enjoys new effort Real, which according to folklore and legend is coming out as a single proper via French cool-guys Kitsune. Lovely. There is a more modern R’n’B to this latest offering in contrast to their indie-pop stylings that we assumed they would be peddling. Well played, guys. We’re into it, and in agreement with our man Fraser that “it’s a bit Sam Smith and Bondax“, as well as being “big in vibes”. Nice sell there Christopher. Get into it though, it’s a real sweet ride.

Years & Years – Real

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