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What does a heart attack actually feel like? Shooting pains? Isn’t that stroke or something? Whatever it is, we’re pretty sure that given the sheer amount of palpitations that our chest seems to be undergoing making it more rhythmic than a steel drum band at the Notting Hill Carnival (not that we’d know. We’ve never been. Overlaps with Reading Festival innit, and NO WE WILL NEVER GROW UP) that something is not quite right there. Maybe not a heart attack; possibly a heart….assault? Heart battery? This is likely the end result of the culmination of factors that have arisen as of late, given that (a) we have about 5 active release campaigns we’re working around the clock on at the moment, and that’s just the tip of the fucking iceberg; (b) the bastard insomnia is back and doesn’t seem to be letting up, most likely due to (a) frigging with our dreams; and (c) we had a few jars on an empty stomach last night, which combined with (b) is fucking spicy indeed. Today involved yet more big-boy shit and required more caffeine ingestion than Dave Grohl when he was giving it all “fresh pots” a few years back. So we’re in limbo – torn between crippling fatigue, and drug-induced alertness. It’s weird. Today’s been like a sweet dream. Sweet dream days deserve sweet dreamy soundtracking – or a proggy-as-hell one, as provided by Portland’s Rare Monk in the form of Splice. To be honest, we’re inclined to give these guys “the best new shit of the year thus far” award and kind of wish that we had a “shitload of tracks of the day” instead of just the singular, seeing as we’ve allowed their Soundcloud page to bleed into their other tracks and they are, quite frankly, incredible. We’re gonna whack em all down. We don’t care what the background info is on these guys. You shouldn’t either. The music is everything and this is one of those occasions that we are genuinely struggling to list any comparisons. But, of course, we’ll give it a go anyway. This is something in-between an airy-as-fuck Deftones, coupled with the tropical undertones of Two Door Cinema Club‘s Something Good Can Work and the emotionally-bluesy delivery of Cold War Kids. The rest of the tracks sound nothing like those references. They sound more like Phoenix and Sigur Ros. That means this is special. Get into it, for goodness’ sake.

Rare Monk – Splice


Rare Monk – Drumhead

Rare Monk – Mama Bear

Rare Monk – Underground

Rare Monk – Death By Proxy

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