“Til The City Goes Under”


Goddamn, it’s a beautiful day. There may be several reasons for this. Let’s get meta-physical, then plain-ass physical. Yesterday was mad. Mad, we tells ya. You ever had a set of three meetings back-to-back first thing in the morning, sans brekkie-fast, nearly sans-body washed, that lasted a grand total of 4 hours and you really need a wee at the same time? Then a release announcement (did you see our big ol’ shout out to our denim-touting man Thomas J Speight yesterday? If not, get with it, you planks)? Then calls? We barely had time to go get a shepherds pie from Raoul’s across the road (it is not a kebab shop as inferred by those Welsh indie party boys The Automatic back in the day. It is a very expensive and upstanding cafe-bistro frequented by the likes of us, Draper, and ocassionally Bill Bailey. Ain’t no thang), and we’ve just realised upon typing this that we promised we would bring back the baking tin that justified the artifically-inflated price of £7.50 for a tiny pie in order to get a quid back, and we just haven’t bloody done it. Dude’s gonna be pissed and most likely spit in our delicious eggs benedict that we like to treat ourselves to at least once a week. Fair play. He’s never getting his fucking tin back in that case. As a result of said-cramming activity, we managed to drift off to a particularly macabre episode of South Park at the rather-conservative time of 11pm. We slept like a fucking boss; and woke up all like “let’s DO DIS”. The weather seems to be on our side with this sentiment. This is called a pathetic fallacy, but there’s nothing pathetic about this gorgeous sunshine. Suitable happy-bopping soundtracking comes from the equally-sundrenched locale of Miami, in form of a track called Til The City Goes Under by what appears to be a three-piece rock’n’roll outfit called Sunghosts. Cool name. By way of background, we’ve sort of learned that these guys have recently released an EP called Phosphenes (we don’t know what that means, but we intend to spend at least three minutes trying to find out) from which our current Track Of The Day is taken. It smacks and reeks of upbeat indie tune-ness, akin to that which We Are ScientistsThe Cribs, Rilo Kiley and Rooney (who we only really recall as that band on the second series of The OC who sing that song that goes “shake shake shake, shake shake shake it up”. I may well be called Shake It Up. We dunno) have been known to churn out. Get happy.

Sunghosts – Til The City Goes Under

This one feels a bit Arctic Monkeys, nay? YEAYUH.

Sunghosts – II

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