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Bad Grammar
“Temper Temper”

Bad Grammar

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee’ve got about 10 minutes to write this up. Lotsa shit happening. People wanna have conversations and whatnot while we’re multitasking like a many-limbed motherfucker. It’s not annoying. We like conversing with people. Maybe a little bit too much. It is, however, distracting and we have a god-awful amount of this that and the other to crack on with. Like tapping up our bro-dogs at Amazing Radio this evening ahead of partaking in our first-ever local pub quiz in the Highgate/Holloway area (get ready, we will fuck you all up on the picture round. Is there a picture round? Better be). Having done the It’s Amazing panel show with a plethora of wonderful presentermen over the last two years we’re pretty firmed up in terms of the drill of preparing for such events. In that we do sweet bugger-all in respect to prep. We don’t prep. We just CROOOOSH. Anyway, as a spicy coinky-dink, the same day that we get the notes through from those Amazing men with details of which tracks we are to review, our big-time mate Moodie sends us through a band that just happen to be included in said-details. And that band just happen to be Bad Grammar. They are from Manchester. There are two of em. One is a boy, the other girl; the former appears to play the guitar, the latter a drum kit. Moodie is putting out their new EP Forced Fun, which we are guessing current TOTD Temper Temper is from, at some point in March through his awesome label Flatpack Recordings and they’ve got a bunch of shows lined up in between now and then, such as the annual Artrocker New Blood Festival at the Bar & Kitchen this month. This is good news because we think it’s legit they sound like Arctic Monkeys doing Black Keys doing Rage Against The Machine (and we’ll chuck in the now-defunct Wet Nuns in there to pander to the whole two-piece heavy rock outfit thing), and that shit needs to be heard live. This write up took 9 minutes and 38 seconds. WUT. Enjoy.

Bad Grammar – Temper Temper


Bad Grammer – Tie Or Die / Ace Adventura

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