“To Catch A Ghost”


Let us hear ya say YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAYYYYYYYYEAAAAYYYYUUUHHHHHH. Done it? Cool, thanks. How’re you? How was ya festive break? Does it feel weird to not crush some cocktails or smash some suds during the daytime now? Sure does for us. But we’ll live. For we have broadband in our flat now. Three months. Three fucking months they made us wait. Or rather they made us jump through a plethora of hoops for that amount of time. Presumably this is just a test that the Internet Gods put you through in order to work out whether you are worthy of their fibre optic ambrosia from Internet Heaven. Well, we passed. We are worthy. And so that is why this first post of the year is coming live to you from our oddly-shaped living room sofa, where thus far we have managed to get a decent jump on the galactic-sized amount of stuff we’ve got coming your way real soon, inclusive of new releases; new shows; and some other real cool stuff that of course we can’t tell you about yet despite our big mouths clearly wanting to. Anyway, let’s talk about Flashes. They are from Cornwall. Falmouth is in Cornwall. We went there a couple of times. It’s quite nice and there is a girl who works in the chip shop by the main beach thingy that we’re pretty sure we’re in love with. Anyway, a real long time/a few years ago these guys were in different bands that presumably split up owing to near-constant war-waging over who would be the dominant grunge-art-pop live act of the region. As a result, they merged, locked themselves away, and came out quite some time later with an album, the aptly-named Latency from which current Track Of The Day To Catch A Ghost is taken. Word on the street is that this track used to be called Techno As Fuck and, honestly, we kinda wish it still was. However, we’ll probably get over this on account of the blend of vibes containing The Cure, Stone Roses, The Cast Of Cheers and our favourite lo-fi scuzzy rock band of all time that never was Little Death. They’re saying they’re gonna tour a fair amount over 2014, so, like, look out.

Flashes – To Catch A Ghost


This is also legit.

Flashes – Lush Surrounded

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