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Release: Killing Moon Announces New Compilation Series With Ally McCrae (BBC Radio 1)

Ally and Ach annoucement shot

We are delighted to announce that Killing Moon are teaming up with BBC Radio 1’s Ally McCrae to release our very first compilation on the 1st January 2014 in a series with a difference. If you are hoping to hear Yuletide favourites such as Mull of Kintyre or White Christmas then this is not the compilation for you.

Laurel – Fire Breather

Instead, we’re offering highlights of the biggest and brightest of the year from Killing Moon, with tracks and artists Ally has fallen in love with this year, featured on his blog Turn The Tape Over or put on for live shows. NEW MOONS: Volume 1 is the culmination of the last year of Killing Moon; the essence of our label’s output distilled, deconstructed, and rebuilt, with Ally McCrae providing some of the best music of 2013.


Ach is a total don, his blog/label, the artists he works with was how we first met, I have a lot of love for the acts he supports, so it made a lot of sense to join forces and bring together a heap of tracks that we are feeling right now, and have something lasting in the avalanche of music we are continually shouting about, plus, like me, he’s tall as shit.” – Ally McCrae (BBC Radio 1 Introducing)

Spanning the breadth of new music with artists tipped to be big in 2014, Ally McCrae and Killing Moon strive to bring to the forefront music for the soul and for the dance floor, lovingly created by and for people who are passionate about new music. From the textured beauty of Malpas and electro-pop crossover lads Duologue to electronic wunderkids Draper and Rogue; the epic rock soundscapes of Embers to the melodic digital dreamworld of Dems; and at all stops in between, with emerging prolific artists such as Cut Ribbons, Slaves, Racing Glaciers, Baby Strange, Leon T Pearl, Honours, and Laurel amongst a plethora of other new talent completing the tracklisting, this compilation intends to be a real statement as an alternative to the sea of Ones To Watch lists springing up towards the end of 2013.


Since meeting Ally earlier this year I regard him to be a resolute flagbearer of the same ideals as Killing Moon through his radio, blog and artist management work, as well as being proper tall. I am more pleased than a pig rolling in shit to launch a new compilation series with him to give a tangible embodiment to bands we see as ones to watch in the following year both on and off the existing Killing Moon label roster; not in terms of how well we think they’ll do commercially, but just those that we just really, really dig. – Achal Dhillon (Killing Moon)

The album will be available digitally from the 1st January 2014 on iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, Spotify and all other reputable digital outlets.

Cut Ribbons – Fight And Fall

Album tracklisting:

1.    Tall Ships – Best Ever (Draper Remix)

2.    Racing Glaciers – New Country

3.    Youth Man – Heavy Rain

4.    Leon T Pearl – If You’re Still There

5.    Dems – Canvas World (ft. Claudie)

6.    Cut Ribbons – Fight & Fall

7.    Carnival Kids – What To Do When Awake Within A Dream

8.    Fickle Friends – Swim

9.    Hector Bizerk – Man Up (Prides Remix)

10.   Thomas J Speight – Never Loved You More

11.   Honours – Ready To Run

12.   Laurel – Fire Breather

13.   Fatherson – Hometown

14.   Malpas – Charlemagne

15.   Slaves – Beauty Quest

16.   Barnaby – Bored

17.   Bloody Knees – Impending Gloom

18.   Baby Strange – Pure Evil

19.   AFQB (Illaman and The Last Skeptik) – Beneathiverse

20.   Duologue – Push It

21.   Rogue – Perfect Views

22.   Embers – Hollow Cage (Live Version)


Please contact [email protected] for further information, including links for review and interviews.

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