“Into The Wild”


Most likely, or at least in our heads at least, this blog post should probably go down as one of the most emo OF. ALL. TIME. It is somewhat typical for most people, we find, around this time of year to be all reflective and shit. Weigh up what we have gained against what we have lost. Or maybe that’s just us, but bear with us here. For us, we are blessed and/or cursed with a memory capacity seemingly designed to retain as much  information and experiences, so much that we find it difficult at times to see the extent to which that our person and our brand is apparently able to enable people. We’re sometimes called inspiring (yeah, it’s arrogant to repeat it right? But that’s what we’re told, so, like, fuck you), and given years of crippling self-doubt that we’re very good at hiding from others most of the time – except on here, clearly – we find it very difficult to believe given that mummy and daddy raised us to believe that we’re not any more or less complex and therefore special than anyone else in this world. Draper told us that there is a word for that in the English dictionary but we’ve forgotten what it is right now. However, the good news is, having spent a few good days hanging with a few good people and starting to appreciate what we have as opposed to what we think we need to have, is that we’re starting to believe it. That we can actually do this despite just exactly how much there is still left to do and learn. That it’s all still to play for; that there is still a world out there to embrace. This is mainly thanks to a certain somebody that’s been quite a significant part of our life for most of this year, albeit somewhat frustratingly in a very kept-under-wraps fashion. They’re also about to embark on a new journey of discovery themselves, which of course we couldn’t be happier about. Anyway, we couldn’t think of a more appropriate Track Of The Day than new-ish guys Victoria and this emotively-powerful tune Into The Wild in this context. It’s the kinda folk-pop that lyrically suits our situation to the ground. We mean, shit, they’ve even got whoahs in there, and if you know us at all you’d realise that we think whoahs are essential to the survival of music in general. Hailing from London and sounding like they’re from the countryside, these boys pride themselves on writing “their own kind of pop music”. At risk of destroying this sentiment, we think that these dudes sound like elements straddling that of Dry The RiverJimmy Eat World, Sons & Lovers and recent rising-new-guys Honours. Current and classic. What a combination. Have a great weekend kids.

Victoria – Into The Wild


We’re sorry, VF.

Victoria – Change Tonight

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