Let it be known that we may be far too emo for a lads night. Or, specifically, for a Turn First-laced lads night. Out into the sort-of bitter winter night did we head on Wednesday evening. From what we remember, we spent a great deal of time in The Grove just across the road from KMHQ. We got comfortable. Too comfortable. Some London-Pride-and-probably-a-cheeky-whiskey-and-coke later, we toddled on down of Mahiki’s. It is a silly place. They make you drink things out of a treasure chest with a straw. The rest of the details are too hazy to recall specifically, or perhaps a bit too unsuitable to put up on the internet for all and sundry to read, but suffice to say this is the first time in a while we woke up in our bed fully-clothed, dry-mouthed and a head full of questions. And by a while we mean, like, a month or two at least. Suffice to say, yesterday didn’t really make much sense to us at all, and you lot should be impressed that we made it into work at all – eventually – and try not to be too gutted that we were therefore forced to give anything remotely creative, such a bloggerising, a big old rest. That being said, the kind of mellowed-out franticness provided by Japanese dudes LITE by way of current Track Of The Day Bond may well have suited our physical state yesterday down to the ground. Our love-haters Blood & Biscuits, led by the moustached megatron that is Simon Morely, have gone ahead and snapped these guys up for an album which they’ll be putting out in the neck of the woods and presumably others on 3rd February 2014 as some kinda CD-vinyl-tshirt bundle that not only looks super sweet but also makes us insanely jealous that we haven’t done something like that ourselves. Shit is cool. If ya flava revolves around such tastes akin to that of Battles doing Vampire Weekend (sans vocals), or perhaps The Fall Of Troy nailing The Cast Of Cheers (The Fall Of Cheers? Too emo. The Cast Of Troy? Too Brad Pitt), then you might well wanna get in on this.


Mo’. Clearly these boys like digesting a lot.

LITE – Installation (Digest Mix)

LITE – For All The Innocence (Digest Mix)

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