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Tropical Zombie
“Reckless Youth”

Tropical Zombie

We’re attempting to write this blog post at this very minute with a rather sizeable open wound on our right forearm. Actually, in terms of outline, it’s not dissimilar in terms of shape compared to the rather menacing circular logo today’s Track Of The Day’ers Tropical Zombie have opted for above as their mainstay logo. Don’t worry. We didn’t get a Tropical Zombie tattoo. They have to buy us dinner first before we start playing that game. Treat us right. We always promised ourselves that if Killing Moon ever became our living, which conveniently enough now it is, we would commit to this extension of our consistently fluctuating personality by getting the fucking thing inked to our soft warm body. Of course, we still love our parents, and just hope that they still love us enough not to dis-own and/or kill us when we go whopping back to Ealing with this spicy-twist all on public display. We had a rather fulfilling conversation with the artist/needle operator person. We discussed a plethora of hardcore bands, which we don’t get to do very often with people who aren’t specifically into the genre. He likes The Smiths, mainly, or so he said, and a little bit of Prince now and then. Tropical Zombie sound as if they should be a hardcore band. Then you listen to tub-thumping effort Reckless Youth (we’ll leave it to your imagination as to why this song title is more than apt for our current situation today), and realise they should sound just as they are right now. More tropical than, well, zombie, we’re getting licks of Thumpers crossing paths with Vampire Weekend on this bad-boy. And maybe a bit o’ Haim. They’re from Australia, Triple J are bigging them up, and you should get into them.

Tropical Zombie – Reckless Youth

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