“Summer Nights”


Bloody hell and smegging heaven, what a weekend. How was yours? Good? Cool, shut up a second and listen to our faffing. Friday was special, in that we were fortunate enough to witness a very special person pretty much get everything they’ve wanted for so very long, and given that we have personally witnessed the sheer amount of ball-ache they have had to go through to get to this point – the broken promises, the lead-ons, the wind-ups and the bullshits (which most music types should be used to by now, because our lives are hard and shit, and we’re all supposed to make out everything is as gravy as the navy all the time, right?) – we can honestly say that this event made our year. But moreover, it was just a trip in itself to see them truly happy, and richly deserved it is too. Anyway, such circumstances coupled with the ungodly amount of stuff we have to get done before the close of bid-ness this month (fortunately for you lot this will be devoid of any sort of broken promises, lead-ons or wind-ups. Bullshits are TBC) meant that we were perpetually exhausted by the time of the Independent Label Market and our second-ever stint there. We had to have a nap in the backseat of our family-friendly leather-seated Renualt Megane, which wasn’t nearly as comfortable as our description would otherwise lead anyone to believe. Ever woken up with cramps in both legs? Yeah, well, that happened and it was fucking shit. The good side of it was that we got to sample some ale, some records and somehow we made some money – the latter of which is a concept we will never really get used to as far as Killing Moon is concerned. Anyway. It was good, as we said. Hang times with our family and friend-family ensued, meaning we were all tuckered out and fast asleep by about 9ish on Sunday evening. Got all that? Cool. Given the spriteliness that we’ve been charged with today as a result of actually managing to get to sleep before the working commenced, a perfect soundtracking is provided in form of Summer Nights by newish guy Pollimer – perhaps almost the best kind of musical contrast you can get in regards to perhaps some of the strongest winter blues we’ve experienced lately. Somewhat poignantly, this person is from LA; a place we’ve heard quite a bit about in recent months in some detail, including the assertion that all is sun-drenched and everything is warm and generally just great. We really hope that’s true. Anyway, this slice of electro-pop greatness heavily suggests that is the case. Pre-dating a rather recent remix effort for previous Track Of The Day’er SOHN by a few months, we’d expect some sort of explosive follow-up to this effort – teeming with the elemental likes of Bastille, Sir Sly, and Owl City, as well as heavily reminding us our of NY buddies Sensual Harassment in a few ways – that would then leave us blinded by the sheer radiance of it all and wishing that we had written about this guy a hell of a lot sooner.

Pollimer – Summer Nights


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