“2 Minds”


Not one of you buggers have come up with a suggestion of substance that we can actually get behind in lieu of us working out what our new personal/lifestyle hobby should be, following yesterday’s megabitchwhine about how we generally dunno what to do with ourselves. And don’t even think about suggesting that we figure this shit out for ourselves. Don’t be stupid. The four or five unsolicited emails we received on the topic (which in itself has surprised us prima facie; either you genuinely care about our quarter-life crisis, or you really have nothing else better to do) seemed to have a flagrant disregard for possibly the most criterion of all: don’t suggest the gym. The gym CANNOT be the answer to everything. Classic ponderance-core and think-about-life-step comes in form of current Track Of The Day 2 Minds from what-appears-to-be-a-three-piece-but-we-can’t-be-certain-piece Stats. They are a minimal rock band. They do not dance. They don’t take drugs. They would most likely be the best possible people to introduce to your parents because they seem like the kind of people who like to shoot from the hip. Having splashed onto the London gig circuit less recently than we worked out we had issues but more recently than, like, this weekend, and with reported sightings at The Lexington as well as future prospects including the Artrocker New Blood Festival in January 2014 (coming up reeeeeal soon); we can exclusively reveal that this is the kinda shit that A&R Clark gets off to on the reg given his fondness for 80’s-tinged progressive indie which he has been playing on the office stereo for most of this morning/early afternoon. We also assume our mate Matt Harvey likes them too seeing as he told us about them yesterday. Here we personally feel an element of the so-called math-rock genre present. We’re talking Metronomy vs. Foals vs. Clock Opera in a triple-threat battle royale that involves Adam Ant refereeing and coincidentally singing a bit all over the top of this in a quintessentially British sort of way. This also reminds us a bit of a band called Anti-Bang, who were a bit crazy and that’s why we dug them so. Anyway. Listen.

Stats – 2 Minds

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