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We’re straddling a splendid form of dichotomy today in the Killing Moon office. See, we stayed in till silly o’clock (which, it turns out, is Sam Faulkner’s favourite time of any day in particular) at HQ to catch up on all the shit we managed to casually let slip by on Monday, for we were not around for most of that day. We’ve now flip-reversed that situation right on its bonce, meaning that we somehow managed to clear so much aforementioned shit out of the way that today feels like a goddamn breeze by comparison. Or so we think. Every time we sit still, much like a shark or another form of aquatic life that is dependent on bodily movement in order for them to, well, breathe and stuff; we feel the need to move. Like the silence is the most deafening thing to us, if we want to get all emo about it, which of course we fucking do. So as a result of our seemingly (or, rather, relatively) static day, we’ve found a shitload of things to get our bits stuck into (wheeeeeeyyyy) which we will be unveiling over the course of the next few weeks; but for now, along with the general sentiment of not being able to be still for longer than five seconds and of course the insatiable curiousity of you lot to know what kinda shit we’re getting into (of COURSE we’re that important to you), here’s this dude Big Fin with new Track Of The Day Patience. Intern James told us about him, which is nice. Synonymous with his chosen stage name, we perceive, um, Fin, to be quite big. Big in terms of character. Big in terms of beard. Big in terms of his songcraft and his ability to render tunes that, in the hands of the meek will disappear like a fart in the wind, we can see growing on us with a more invasive approach than that of the dreaded Japanese Knotweed that fucked up our gaff when we were slumming it in Finsbury Park. Like, wow. If you dig the works of Bon Iver, Dry The River, George Ezra and/or Keaton Henson, this may well spice up your life.


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