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Washington Irving

Washington Irving

We’ve just been told at lunch that we’re not allowed to ever say again that we’re tired unless it is qualified with a modicum of enthusiasm. We mean, have you ever heard something so ridiculous? Besides, we have good reason to bitch’n’whine about our most recent state of fatigue. We spent a weekend in the sticks. The nice sticks. The Tom Lovett family-branded sticks. We stayed in what can only be described as a manor – although it does have an official title, we simply cannot remember what it is (sorry Tom) – which later we had explained to us was a courthouse back in the olden days where they like to employ swift justice and hang people onsite. Which is nice. Anyway, social constructs being what they are, and the sticks are the sticks, we essentially sat around a lot and drank a lot of (other people’s) booze, save for our own meager contributions consisting of two bottles of wine and a Munch Bar. We left with a anointed nomenclature of “the gift that keeps on giving” and we like to think that’s all good and proper. None of this really has anything to do with current Track Of The Day’ers Washington Irving, save for our previous mentions of summary capital punishment that took place at our temporary weekend residence that perhaps we can cheekily tie into the meaning of the song title Palomides (this is nearly the name of a bloke who was an executioner back in the day, according to Internet). We imagine this will not do our online-cred any favours given that the vast majority of the music community is aware of these dudes, which serves as a lesson that we should probably listen to Ben Soep the next time he bangs on about something he is working with. However, now that we’ve been hit by the 3D video below for the track (you have to go a bit cross-eyed all Magic Eye style), we’ve decided that the forbidden fruit must now be tasted, and holy shit does it leave a taste of Elbow, Editors and Placebo – with a Scottish-accented twist – in our potty mouths. This is getting props all over the online shop and we’re happy to finally, albeit tardily, join the party.

Washington Irving – Palomides


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