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“Are You Well”

Quiet Lions

Anyone a fan of Black Books? If not, look it up – a ridiculously incisive sitcom about the feckless (mis)management of an independent book shop in London starring Dylan Moran, Bill Bailey and, um, Fran (we can’t actually remember the name of the actress, but the character’s name is Fran. Henceforth this is what she shall be refereth to by us-eth). In the pilot episode, Bill’s character (Manny) is a results-driven, eager-to-please-everyone ego-less workaholic nervous wreck who in a short space of time cracks under his own often self-imposed pressure and is hospitalised as a result. It’s bloody hilarious. In his hospital stint he is accidentally inseminated by The Little Book Of Calm which he purchased shortly beforehand in an attempt to alleviate the stresses of his day-to-day. He is for the remainder of the episode the most zen motherfucker that ever lived. That’s pretty much how we are right now, following a two-day escape plan perfectly executed with the help of our best friend. Even that big-ass storm couldn’t stop us. However, that’s why the blog’s been a little quiet of late. Speaking of quiet, how about these guys Quiet Lions? We’ve been forced to lay in waiting for these guys to put something up that was remotely embeddable on the site, having spotted their social networking presence quite some time ago aided by presumably some pre-meditated Facebook advertising. Good work boys. You suckered us right in, hook line and sinker. So after waiting for about two months for something to happen, much to our amazement it seems the rest of the bloody world has gotten involved and these guys are evidently starting their big push, kicking off with a tidy Radio 1 play from that new music dream-team Jen and Ally earlier this week, providing the perfect amplified setting for this brand of indie rock characterised by the likes of My Vitriol, Sons & Lovers, Silversun Pickups and a musical chunk of Deftones. Which is nice. These guys play a London show at the Old Blue Last next week on 4th November, so let’s just keep it real simple and get down there shall we? Yeah, ok.

Quiet Lions – Are You Well

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