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Beautiful Boy

Beautiful Boy

Despite how exhausted we felt around about the midday-mark yesterday – which admittedly is a bit early in the day for us, usually we’re susceptible to the dreaded energy slump that kicks in around the 3-4pm mark – we can say with some degree of certainty that Dems owned their single launch last night at Corsica Studios. It sold out. People were queuing outside because the venue was full to capacity and they couldn’t get it. Told you so. You think it’s hype when we say turn up early; yet it is truth at the same time. Truth. Hype. Tripe. That being said, we’d pay real money to have a night off right about now. The fact is we’ve done our near-monthly ritualistic thing of burning ourselves out for a consolidated period of, say, two weeks. And perhaps it’s becoming a bit stale to us, which is the saddest thing. It’s entirely possible that given the emphasis on so many outings, both social and work-related (although the two are usually interchangeable at any given time) that we are starting to lose a bit of enthusiasm for either. Or both. Basically, an escape is imminent. We have to get away from it all, at least for a couple of days. We wanna go home. Gonna see mum and dad on the weekend. So in celebration of that, and just as fitting given the cold autumn/winter snap that has finally arrived (mid-week as well? C’mon), here’s the soul-stirring Home from Brighton guys Beautiful Boy. Self-flattering nomenclature? Maybe. The video suggests however that these guys aren’t exactly crashing through the branches of the ugly tree. That hair! That neckline! A beard! Crisp white linen shirts! The song’s on a pretty-enough par with this sentiment, giving the impression that these guys have been a studio-project for a while now. Or they’ve played/currently play in other bands. Either way, the song projects impressions of a razor-sharp songwriting proficiency, coupled with intentions of commercial success. It is, therefore, entirely blog-worthy. We reckon that this sounds something in-between Aqualung, Dry The River and Stornoway. And that it also sounds damn good.

Beautiful Boy – Home


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