Lately we’ve been ingesting large quantities of electronic music – that is, if our dirty Spotify-footprint made visible via Facebook is not to be believed (how the fuck do you turn that thing off by the way? You know what we mean. The thing where you play something on Spotify and then it decides to tell the world what you are listening to. Sure, we listen to Bring Me The Horizon, Poison The Well, Alkaline TrioDeftones and At The Drive In on the reg but does everybody really need to know that? Or indeed, do they want to know that? Help us out here and do everyone a favour in the process). For example, we listened to that new Chvrches album in the car on the way to and from Underground Festival on Saturday. We’re trying to stay current. The problem we’ve had with electronic music, as evidenced by a rather abrupt conversation with A&R Clark this morning about the pros and cons of Grimes, is that we cannot help but feeling that people who are into it (or at least claim to be) are just doing it to appear, y’know, cool. Y’know? Like hipsters and scenesters and any number of whatever-sters you can think of. It’s like their job. They permanently meddle with things they do not understand, and yet they claim to. Shit, we do the same thing all the time. Perhaps we do not know what we’re talking about right now. Ever thought about that? Anyway, Melbourne person Carnivals is most definitely cool, and thus we surmise that cool people will gravitate towards him. Or at least he sounds it. Assuming it is a he. We won’t even attempt to delve into the intricacies of his ultra-soothing sonic compositions by way of new EP entitled Yearn – of which the title track just happens to be our Track Of The Day – other than that is just what they are to us. A soundwave-based sea of calmingness. Like you’re in a floatation tank containing nowt but pure irie juice. By way of musical comparisons we’re conjuring up (funnily enough) Grimes, Bonobo, Moby and there’s a few hints here that remind us of our boy Draper. Magical stuff. You can download the entire EP for gratis by heading over to the Carnivals bandcamp.

Carnivals – Yearn


Carnivals – In Her Eyes

Carnivals – Glass Heart

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