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High Hazels
“Hearts Are Breaking”

High Hazels

S’up. Our website’s still a little bit knackered. For those of you that didn’t realise/care before, our MPFrees and Records page have been buggered since, well, we discovered they were buggered last week. We can’t update them for shit, love, nor money. People are getting angry at us now. Furious, in fact. See, in music journalism world, if you promise to write something up by a specified date, and you subsequently don’t do it, that’s sort-of the real-world equivalent of offering to buy someone a drink, going up to order it, then realising you don’t actually have any money with which to complete said transaction and thus leaving your intended recipient real thirsty, and you looking like a real dick. But hey, let’s all learn to accept the things we can’t control, shall we? That’s the advice we’ve been dishing out for the last few days yet we can’t seem to accept it ourselves. Anyway, enough of that shit. Listen to High Hazels. They sound wholesome and warm and uplifting. A bit like a wedding band, except with a slight of indie undertones that seems to have the likes of Clash Magazine and 6Music gripped in and balls deep into this crooning masterpiece. The video is pretty rad as well. You know how some bands that these guys sound like – say, modern-day Arctic Monkeys (post-impacted by Neil Diamond) – like to offer up visual accompaniments graded in such a way so as to make you feel as if its all terribly retro and that kinda stuff? We’ll, these guys have clearly nailed that as well. In addition to the musical citation we’ve just given, we also reckon that there is a Smiths influence to all this. And by gum, we’re going to keep referencing The Divine Comedy until somebody agrees with us that a whole bunch of bands right now sound a bit like them, and/or acknowledge that they even existed. We CAN’T have made them up.

High Hazels – Hearts Are Breaking


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