“Love & Other Difficulties”


What’s up sport fans? Did you get your dream footballer joining your dream footballing team? Did you have a good weekend? Party hard? Shoot the shit? Tap that ass? Cool. We felt like hell itself had risen from the firey, smoke-laden depths of down-there-where-the-sun-don’t-shine, somehow popped into our head and just ruddy well decided to stay there for a full 24 hours following us heading out and booming it up with a plethora of different buddies ranging from fraternal ones to university ones (the two are distinct over here, you see) on the mean streets of London. We mean, this was something spesh. We got this thing going at 6pm with our buddy Jez. We ended up going home in a minicab by ourselves experiencing the highest level of queeze imaginable. The Sunday was then spent writhing in pain for, oh dunno, 6 or 7 hours. We tried to do some work. We tried to go outside. We ended up watching Game Of Thrones. It was our little ray of heaven shining through the black clouds of our own personal hell. Helping us further make some sort of sense of it all are newcomers OhBoy. All we really know is that our Facebook chum Lee Irons is in this band; he in turn is chums with David Maddox-Jones of Strangers fame. We think. We’re trying to think. Anyway, we’ve been living with this clip for a little while and it more or less sums up precisely how we felt these past could of days with particular reference to being (or in our case, feeling) covered in all sorts of shit; we are further delighted to hear that OhBoy are prepping to release an EP in the near future. If Love & Other Difficulties sound-clad layerings consisting of the likes of Pixies, The Thermals and Help! She Can’t Swim are anything to go on, we should all probably keep a keen eye out for that.

OhBoy – Love & Other Difficulties


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