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“Go To Sleep, Mess”

Day Joy

We were somewhat pleased to know – although not, at the same time, for obvious reasons – that this perpetual and metaphorical cloud following us around at the moment is not solely limited to our person. Having just popped over to see our some of our buddies it seems as if everybody is subduing to the hangover of a lifetime. Except no real alcohol imbibement has taken place since, like Saturday. Is it possible that we got so fucked up that we are still feeling the effects several days later? The short answer to that is no, not really. It’s as if the whole world has returned from its holibobs and now wants to get balls-deep in work-zone. Whereas we said “YEAYUH” to the bank holiday on Monday, and sweet jesus-god did we need that, we failed to acknowledge that this really means that we’re just compressing 5 days worth of shit into 4 days. Sarah Wall mentioned the word “drowning” just now. Let’s not drown. Let’s get inspired. Let’s get excited for mo’fuckin Alkaline Trio tonight, and the Islington Academy birthday party thingy that’s happening beforehand. But just before we get into our mid-week “isn’t life good” mode, here’s some reeeeeeeeaaal think-about-life style music from Orlando men Day Joy – a name which nicely bridges the gulf between where we are right now, and where we may well want to be shortly. These guys describe themselves as dreamy folk, and while we’re not at all sure what that means, we are sure that we somehow managed to miss these guys entirely when they played South By South West this year and we’re a bit gutted about that. Considering they released debut EP Animal Noise last year via Small Plates Records, we can only surmise that they have little-to-no plans to come over here and boom it up with us. Which is a shame. Hopefully that’ll change. While we all ponder what might be, do take the time to check out the spectacular video for current Track Of The Day Go To Sleep, Mess (some sage advice we certainly could have used this week) which on top of the rather dark musings of the band similar to that of Sigur Ros, NO, Mogwai and The National features a guy taking a whole lotta pills and getting absolutely no thrills. Goddammit.

Day Joy – Go To Sleep, Mess


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