“R.I.P. (Rest In Peace)”


Ferk. We feel as rough as a baboon’s bum lacquered in sandpaper followed by a particularly spicy curry bashing. We’ve just, y’know, been doing our thing for the last couple of days. You know the drill by now, surely. You KNOW this. Our PAIN. Every day is a struggle. But we get by. We’ve got good people and good stuff. The tools and the talent. And a whole fuckin’ fridge full of Red Bull, WUT. Allow us to fill you in. Tuesday got messy, and we mean real, real messy. The gig wasn’t the messy bit – by that we mean Racing Glaciers playing their first show opening up for bro-man Dan Croll (Khushi, you were superb as well. Pure musical boner). That bit went real well for all concerned. The messy bit happened after, funnily enough at the aftershow. Beers were drank. Some things were said. Smoke was inhaled. Matt Scheepers spewed. That sort of thing. We did not feel our usual 110% the following morning, much as we imagine poor Scheepers didn’t either. But our souls still burned brightly, which helped out some as we rather jubilantly went for a DJ thingy at Night Engine‘s second residency stint at St. Moritz last night. The fastest iPhone fingers that you ever did see. The band were, of course, incredible. We like those guys a lot. We’re gonna meet up at Reading Festival and bond further, most likely. So, now, our energy levels are a bit fucked. We need a pick-me-up. Alcohol is not the solution to this problem, contrary to popular belief. We turn to music. We turn to men of the North (London) by the name of ZIBRA. Perhaps just funny spelling, perhaps a dig at the ease with which our American cousins have permeated their pronunciation of the black-and-white striped horsey beast nomenclature into the English tongue. Whatever. This is really something. Big. Bloody. Pop. Music. We’re genuinely excited about what might come next. Just now in fact we sang the melody of current Track Of The Day R.I.P. (Rest In Peace) down the phone just now. Pretty good. Our impression of it, not the song we mean. We think the song’s great. We think it sounds like a potent concoction developed in the same labs that brought us the likes of Clock Opera, M83, Monarchy, Hot Chip, littered with a kinda Hurts style emotive vocal that makes you air-grab more often than you’d be willing to admit to ya buddies. We think you should check it out.

ZIBRA – R.I.P. (Rest In Peace)


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