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Good bloody grief. Will everyone just maintain their fucking composure please? Sure, we’ve got two amazing shows on the proverbial blend this evening – namely, as if you didn’t know, our latest episodic adventure at Notting Hill Arts Club featuring that guy that all you A&R peepays seem to be losing their shit over Joseph; and of course, the mighty Dan Croll and his merry men smashing it up at a very-much-sold-out single launch show for In/Out which also features other-previous-Track-Of-The-Day’er Khushi and our guys Racing Glaciers for what will be their London (proper) debut – but, like, do you remember back in the day when there was a show on that you wanted to go to, and you, like, bought a ticket for it? The whole concept of a ticket means that you are guaranteed entry to a gig; thereby you are by-passing the whole metaphorical and high-density forest canopy that is the often-painful world of guestlists, and diving into the warming and lush topsoil of….a gig that you want to go to. Sure, we don’t mind frequent and relentless requests for guestlist at the last possible minute from all sorts of folk who have jobs and could possibly spare the five quid to get in; shit, we do that stuff every so often as well. Sorry we couldn’t help out this time around. For those who have got tickets or have otherwise managed to penetrate beyond the aforementioned canopy, here’s Argentinian guy Treeless Forest with double-whammy Track Of The Day Iguazú and Doppelgänger. We quite like Argentina. They do great big grills in a rather quaint restaurant near our soon-to-not-be abode in Finsbury Park. Tasty stuff. These tracks are tasty too. A&R Clark played them in our A&R meeting just now, which was good of him. Upon closer inspection we’ve discovered our amigo Mike over at The Recommender got his bloggy mitts all over this some months ago. Well-played sir. Anyhoo, remarkably these tracks have been online for damn close a year now; and we’ve decided more people need to be aware of singer-songwriter/producery type Tom Bonilla. So, get familiar, and appreciate the soundwaves by way of Alt J, Malpas (WUT), Sigur Ros, Active Child and Dems that are rife here. Download it for gratis as well. Promoters – bring this guy over soon as. Make it a free-entry show. Otherwise you’ll have everyone bugging you for guestlist last minute.

Treeless Forest – Iguazú

Treeless Forest – Doppelgänger


Mo? Sho.

Treeless Forest – Wake

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