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Bears Of Brasov
“Two Shadows”

Bears Of Brasov

We swear we get far more shit done when in transit then we do in any posited scenario. Also we seem to get more work done while we’re technically still supposed to be, well, not working; in tandem with this, we appear to be talking about working only slightly more than we usually do. We should fade out a little bit. We should watch this fucking film (Unleashed, starring Jet Li as some sort of man-dog person who fights people exceptionally well, Bob Hoskins as basically himself, and Morgan Freeman as a blind pianist who so far has managed to play piano a grand total of once in contrast to the alaraming amount of personification he bestows upon said-instrument leading us to firmly believe that if he had his or his character’s way he would probably start boning pianos. Now THAT would probably make us pay more attention) instead of talking to you. However, one Anna Isaac, who is a relative of the twin-entity known as Anne and Chloe Griffith (the reason that they are a twin entity is because, relatively recently, they discovered that they were indeed real-life identical twins despite our assurances for the past, dunno, five years or so that this was always the case) and someone that we have been to the pub with perhaps a couple of times, recently (yesterday) told us about young gunners Bears Of Brasov. They are from London. We are assuming they are young because they look young, and that they are rather new to this musical game given that they’re playing a show for Dead Or Alive – who we used to play shows for back in the heady days of yore when we played music instead of bleating on about it constantly – on the 16th August at The Comedy. They were recently asked via their Facebook page by an actual Russian Romanian why they call themselves Bears Of Brasov. Turns out the reason is one of duplicity, in that they not only like a town called Brasov, but also the bears that may or may not hail from that particular region. That’s really all the background knowledge we can make ourselves muster right now. We’re sure there’s more somewhere. Go find out. But first, do observe this rather impressive clip for current Track Of The Day Two Shadows which surfaced a few days back, and absorb the musial vibes of Ex Lovers and a more-upbeat The XX that this lot seem able to exude while you’re at it, as well as making some rather extensive use and elaboration of that timeless Chuck Berry riffage.

Bears Of Brasov – Two Shadows


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