“Eyes Of A Dead Man”


So, guess WUT? We’re going on holiday next week. Ya hear? A little vay-kay. We’re absconding onto what has turned into an annual getaway to Falmouth with our chums from Ealing, which involves trains, ale, eating vegan food, going for a walk, getting rained on, taking the piss, and jokes and tokes with our folks. Applying the reality filter to the situation means all these things will inevitably happen, with the added wrinkles of us definitely having to take our laptop for work-purposes with us and attempting to jump in on conference and skype calls using data tethering whilst booming it up in the sticks with little-to-no phone reception to speak of. So, really, that’s a standard week. In attempt to mitigate our obligations in this respect we have therefore attempted to cram two weeks’ worth of work into one. Whilst that has brought some amazing news particularly on the live front – one involving Racing Glaciers buddying up with buddy-boy Dan Croll for his Lexington show on 13th August and only ruddy selling the fucker out, another involving some serious shit that we’ve only just confirmed today and are pissing our pants at the prospect of blurting it out to all you guys – and therefore giving us the impression that we should cram in our workload more than we already do as a matter of course, it has, inevitably, knackered us. So on that front, here’s Eyes Of A Dead Man by new-guys-and-a-girl-judging-by-the-homepage-image Institutes. We were told about them about half an hour ago when Carla Newton from Turn First popped over to investigate an ant invasion (we’ve been under siege lately, but we’re pleased to report our recent powder-orientated counterstrike was roundly successful) and basically ordered us to check them out. We complied. We’re glad we did. This is kick-ass melodic indie-rock the likes of which have been gradually fizzled out since the Mushroom/Infectious glory days of the late 90’s/early noughties. Yeah, we’re talking about that delay/chorus effect on the guitar. That’s the kinda shit that motivates us. We’re also talking about second album-era Muse (like, dunno, New Born or sommat), My Vitriol and perhaps Canterbury for some modern-upbeat props. This track is lifted from the band’s forthcoming EP, so we’ll be sure to keep our ears lubed for that bugger.

Institutes – Eyes Of A Dead Man

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  1. JC

    Just for a little added magic/madness, Institutes lead guitar player Sam Deacon has played in another band with myself and the bassist from RG (Scheepers). Small world!

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