“Slow Down”


Despite the gravity of the hangover that we’ve lamped ourselves into this warm-ass-yet-dank-as-hell Saturday – primarily due to a uni chaps reunion that doesn’t happen nearly as often as we’d like that went on for far too long and involved (albeit by sheer coincidence) seeing Stevie Red McMinn from Mt Wolf playing Oasis tunes in a Clapham Common pub (it was rad, obviously) and having a urine in a very, very aesthetically-displeasing coucil estate (not us, necessarily, you assuming so-and-so) – we’re very much smashing the doing-shit-in-the-day game. We OWN this hangover. Besides, we wouldn’t want our first encounter with our baby niece to be an awful one. Babies are TINY, especially one-week-old ones. They also like to eat their own hands and have hairy foreheads. They don’t do much other than cry, eat, poo and sleep. The fundamentals. She is definitely related to us. Anyway, some long-overdue quality time with our big brother, and all the tea, home-made pain au chocolates and more tea that was involved in it, resulted in long and in-depth conversations about how we should take it easy. Overreaching is human instinct and can often lead to fuck ups. Try not to fucking manage everything, that kinda stuff. So, appropriate titling arrives in form of our current Track Of The Day which we thought we’d just bosh out before legging it for our mate Andy Willer’s birthday bash, which just so happens to be called Slow Down. It’s by a guy called Joseph. Possibly the greatest name we’ve ever heard. We mean, you’re not gonna forget that name in a hurry, lest a sea of music troubadour types named Joseph arriveth to drown out our-guy Joseph. Wuddup Joe. We like your tune. Makes us feel all emo on the inside, which is the way true emo should be experienced. It has a commercial sensibility whilst retaining a huge degree of intergrity delivered through the vocal that renders the song as a whole highly credible and, as just mentioned, emotive. In fact, tell all the A&R guys and gals you’re likely to meet just that, if you haven’t already, they’ll bloody jizz themselves. Also chuck in some artist citations along the lines of Dems (who we appear to be actually obsessed with right now), Temper Trap, Oberhoffer, a more sensually-seductive Keaton Henson and a big chunk of Jeff Buckley. That should do the trick. Or just let the music do the talking, that should work just as well. Cool? Cool.

Joseph – Slow Down


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