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The Creases
“I Won’t Wait”/”Fun To Lose”

The Creases

Had a weird dream last night. We shouldn’t really talk about it but it’s completely bloody knocked the wind out of our lungs and the skip out of our step. Let’s just say the dream-time content involved some horrible shit no one should ever have to see. Not actual shit, but, y’know, shit. Couple that with what appears to be the comedown of a lifetime following nearly a solid month of booming it up and you can understand why we’re trapped in a perpetual state of gorm, and that our brains have been rendered to a state similar to that of a fried egg gone fucking wrong. You KNOW what we mean. Might also have something to do with devouring a whole “fun pack” of Haribo Starmix right before bed time. Let us tell ya, it was nay so much fun upon waking. Anyway, let’s get revitalised. Let us live. Let us listen to The Creases. These hipper-than-a-hip-hop-apotamus pair of Australian men have been causing quite the stir in their native Brisbane – well, we don’t know that, we just really like them so we’re going to go ahead and say what we want anyway – as evidence by recent proppage-uppage provided by tastemaker radio station Triple J. We’re assuming the Triple J is a synonym for Jeah-Jeah-Jeah, which makes us happy. Anyway, we hear you cry, what about the actual music? Won’t you ever speak about the music? Sure, why not. We reckon the music occupies a similar soundspace to that occupied by the end result of a triple-threat battle royale between The Strokes, The Proper Ornaments and that song on the Juno soundtrack that they play right at the end that’s something to do with what you can see in anyone else (after a quick google search just now we have discovered that the song in question is indeed called Anyone Else by The Moldy Peaches. BOOYAH). It’s lazy, dirty, cheeky guitar music and we bloody love it.

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