Woke up with a spider on our face this morning hommes. That’s not a hip-hop and/or trap term. It was an actual fucking spider. The same spider that we saw crawl through our bedroom last night. We saw it, amidst a backdrop of thunder and lightening and our laptop glaring with a really fucking old episode of Peep Show being screen. It was hanging from the window blinds. It was massive. The lethal combination of massive body AND massive legs. Darkness. Evil. Instinctively we grabbed a completely-outdated copy of The Fly that we think came with our delegate bag at this year’s Great Escape, and swung and flailed around with it at the hairy many-legged beast of hell. Guttingly, this meant that instead of destroying the bastard spider, we saw it’s body drop onto our bed-pillow, which in turn led to us screaming like a lady and pounding the pillow for about five minutes with our scrawny fists, honestly believing that this would either crush the beast, or at least shit it up enough to not want to bother us ever again. Guess what? It waited till our waking moments, when it knew we would be at our most vulnerable, to just park itself on our forehead. We have honestly never been so terrified by anything. We’re sorry to say (as far as you tree-huggers and vegan-y we-love-all-forms-of-life types are concerned anyway) that ol’ spidey met a horrible, horrible end. We killed it. We killed it real good. Sure, we may well and probably are going to hell for this, but if we are going we’re going to take a few fucking spiders with us. In celebration of mankind’s victory over the arachnid threat, here’s Nottingham people Amber with their soul-stirring Track Of The Day Champion. They done-gone released an EP yesterday to much rapturous applause by people more important than us, from with Champion is lifted. Why we haven’t written about these guys before, we’ll never know. This whole dank-and-durty country-by-way-of-chain gang style tunage is right up our street. There is a slight hint of what our boys Racing Glaciers do masterfully present here. We’re also getting a few whiffies of Elbow, Dry The River and our flatmate’s band Sons & Lovers, whereas Intern Ross reckons there is Tom Odell and Jeff Buckley in the mix. BBC Sound Poll thingy of 2014? Yeah, probs. You’d best get with it, in that case.

Amber – Champion


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