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Heavy Waves

We really should listen more often. We hear stuff all the time – the miracles that are ears allow us to do that, funnily enough – but actually listening is an art that we have yet to truly master. It goes a little something like this: someone, irrespective of role or proximity to the motherfucker known as the music business, tells us to check out artist X; we make a note of artist X on some kinda medium, whether it be an email draft, notes on one of several i-devices, or on our trusty pad of A4 lined paper; we forget about artist X for several weeks at a time, and remarkably forget about our lists (trusty or otherwise) at points when we could really do with some quick new-band referencing mainly as we can’t take an hour or so out to go in search of something in a typical working day like we used to (which begs the question, how much work did we really do before?); after those several weeks have lapsed and we activate our brain, we check out artist X to discover that all of our peers have seemingly been booming it up with said-artist for quite some time. So let’s all give Linn Branson of twitter and/or several writing credits-fame (we met her properly at a recent Embers show and she is lovely) for putting us onto Birmingham’s Heavy Waves. Way to go Linn. We’re loving this. We shall spare you all the inane “what does Birmingham even mean” style chat that we usually dish out when it comes to such bands stemming from that particular geographical region, because it’s been done to death mainly and it really doesn’t matter much at all. Although, remarkably, Heavy Waves according to one 405-penned article are pretty big in the Serbian chart game. Impressive. We don’t know anyone else who’s done that. It’s not surprising that previous effort Edward went down a treat with several peeps; much like new effort and current Track Of The Day No Good, these songs are LARGE. Large as in ambitious, designed to play on massive fuck-off stages to massive fuck-off crowds and massive fuck-off fields and stuff. You get the idea. We’re particularly in love with the Smashing Pumpkins via Pavement  via Big Deal triple-threat style musical combination that these chaps seem to be riding with. In our hazy-summer day near-vegetative state that we’re in right now (don’t lie, you’re all trapped in a perpetual state of gorm right now as well), we’re left daydreaming of Symposium frigging around with U2‘s With Or Without You. You may think we’re mad, and that’s ok.

Heavy Waves – No Good


Heavy Waves – Edward


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