“In Citrus”


Yeah, we had a bit of a wobbly yesterday. It was totally worth it. We feel tonnes better now. Truth be told, that was in fact the initial and (still, to this day) primary purpose behind this blog; to feel a bit better about stuff that was inherently fucking us off all the time. See, back in the olden days when dad made us listen to Bob Dylan and Rolling Stones and Dire Straits (in tandem with some incredibly lengthy Indian folk music; surprisingly, each one blended in rather well with each other) and mum was smashing the Gloria Estefan and Whitney Houston, we understood music to be generally fun, or at least to orbit the vicinity of planet fun. Then adolescence happened, swiftly followed by girls, exams, university and, ultimately, money and/or the jobs market. Music wasn’t so much fun anymore. It was all about work. Work, getting one over those who you called friends, and a shitload of betrayal in-between. We couldn’t deal with it. After three or four months of sitting on our arses and feeling sorry for ourselves, with a little help from some close friends of ours, we just started writing; not just to regain some grasp on the whole fun element of it all, but also to make some sense of what was going on around us by writing it down, quite literally, in black and white. Turns out those years that we think of as shit were probably the best of our life, mainly as we worked out what we were truly capable of. We know we shouldn’t get so angry or wound up – and yeah, we get the whole deal about taking things in context and that – and given the sheer amount of crap that’s happened between now and then we’re eternally grateful that we get to do this shit on the reg. It’s like what our mate Jeremy Lloyd says to us every so often; no one has a right to do this. He’s so spot on. Admittedly, we forget that some times. Anyway, soundtracking our graceful and somewhat reflective return to a semblance of normality is a band called Life. We saw that they’re playing the Amazing Radio all-dayer thingy coming up in a couple of weeks’ time so we thought we’d check em out. And glad we are for doing so, given that they definitely remind us of the whole fun-thing we’ve been banging on about for the last five minutes. They claim to write music for babes and have also recently been seen sharing stages with previous TOTD’ers Skaters in and not-in the London area, so this leads us to conclude that they are in fact rad dudes. Assisting this babe-music-writing endeavour are the lo-fi scuzzed-out guitars that appear to be at the core of In Citrus; we’re getting whiffies of Pavement and Yuck, and perhaps some Muscle Club and/or Wet Paint-style vocalling going on in the in-between; Intern Ross reckons there’s some Pixies/Francis Black action going on in this regard. So, yeah. Get familiar with this and then go see em at Amazing Radio’s amazingly-free entry all-dayer thingy at Queen Of Hoxton on 21st July. Bash.

Life – In Citrus

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