Whoa. WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. We’re half-way there. Through the week, we mean. The last 48 hours seemed to have zipped by in contrast to the sheer amount of personal stress involved in them. Of course, we are just thinking of ourselves and not the artists in question. They’re the ones that actually have to go out and make this shit happened. We’re just the messenger. They’re the message. Monday night saw Carnival Kids boom it up and, we can say with some degree of albeit-biased certainty, pretty much reign victorious at the Underworld (it wasn’t hard actually – given that Carnival Kids own it live every time). There was blood on the dance floor. No, seriously folks. Frontman Eric bust his head open by attempting to headbutt the kick drum. The kick drum sort of won, but in a way, everybody did too. Last night’s experience – a sold-out single launch (one of two, actually) for Manchester bros Embers, and their very first show in London to boot – is better described as spiritual. We felt our soul lifted before, during and afterward. People were crying. Well, okay Blogger Linn was crying, but she got a signed setlist afterwards from the guys so that’s okay. Anyway, joyful joyful, we are joyful. Now we’ve just got this one last bit to deal with, which is the small matter of getting Rogue to Paris and back in one piece. Should be alright. Turns out the French quite like him, and so we’re not envisaging a traditional combat situation with our Gallic cousins. Soundtracking this most-righteous in-betweeny period of personal and professional big-deals is Californian bunch Figures. Somebody told us about them. We can’t remember who We’re slowly working our way down the list that’s been incrementally added to for the past few months. However, a few months is equivalent to about 30 years in music blogging terms and these guys are every music bloggers darling right now, having picked up props from Amazing Radio to Gold Flake Paint to Crack In The Road and everyone in-between. And with good reason; having floated debut EP Monsters a little while ago and getting repped alongside geographically-kinned artists like No, this is a seriously impressive set of recordings. We’ve been struggling for sonic comparisons, which is always a good thing as it usually results in the music being that much more interesting – but, hey, we’re gonna go ahead and say that we reckon this sounds like Lulu & The Lampshades doing Postal Service doing Sir Sly maybe doing Be Your Own Pet if the girl involved wanted to make a go of actually signing. Intern Clark reckons this sounds like My Pet if Laurel was singing vocals. He could be right. Think about it.

Figures – Stay

Figures – Ghosts


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