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“You Lost My Mind”

We The Wild

Strange day. We’re a bit – what’s the word? – off. Deflated. Dazed. Winded. Dunno. Perhaps a culmination of a couple of bits and bobs that took part over the course of the last couple of days. For example – and we’ll try to remember this as best we can, based on the latent effects that we are still very much feeling a full 24+ hours after the fact. So, we got drunk on Saturday. Like, REAL drunk. Sustained, periodic and then ultimately intensified alcohol-imbibement commenced from early on in the afternoon in a central London location that seemed as densely-populated by tourists, window shoppers and general booze-hounds (the devil certainly does recognise his own) – with a simple Samuel Smith’s-branded lager, probably an Alpine or something – as it was around Christmas time. We then went to a gig in Angel. James Niteflights kept on buying us Jaegermeister. We didn’t stop him from doing so. We felt a bit sick by midnight. We met Boris Johnson by 1am. We konked out at 2am. We woke up again at 6am on the Sunday morning being unable to sleep owing the the over-powering and intense heat that rendered our bodies eminating an exothermic reaction that, honestly, was on a par with a solar fucking flare. Add these factors together with some rather abrupt and somewhat shocking news upon waking this morning, with the realisation that this may well be one of the most testing weeks for us professionally-speaking in 2013 (Carnival Kids and Embers singles were released today, which inherently makes us happy – that we got the buggers out finally – and sad – because of the sending-your-kids-to-college type effect we succumb to each time we do this – simultaneously) means that we’re a bit fucked in the head today. We’ll get over it. We have to. Suitable mind-fuckery soundtracking, at least in a sense of nomenclature, comes from new-ish guys We The Wild with current Track Of The Day You Lost My Mind. We say new-ish because we heavily suspect these guys used to be, well, someone else. We deduced such a suspicion due to a strength of this-here tune that is not typically present in debut tracks from super-new online-only musical project. And that some dude left a comment on the band’s facebook page that suggested it. Does it matter? Not really. The music is good; better than good in fact, and we’re left thinking of Alt-J’s sombre tones vis-a-vis Tessellate combined with David’s Lyre of yore and latter-day Jack Penate. So, listen to it.

We The Wild – You Lost My Mind


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