“Need U”


Today represents the next step back into reality. As in our workload as resumed to normal levels. We’re shouting at the interns again. Feels just like home to us. Anyway, this is because you Glastonbury people have returned to the real world and started replying to emails and getting us all stressed out up in this shit. We reckon you people should go back to Glasto and tidy up, because apparently you’ve made a right fucking mess, according to this. Although, admittedly, we too have abandoned our tent in semi-combat situations in festivals past, but in our defense at the time we were in a shame-spiral which several witnesses can attest to. You guys looked jubilant as hell over the weekend, in contrast. Anyway, a modicum of chill is required, and a calmness must be exacted. We felt the calming vibe-waves of Manchester’s Oceaán stroke (can anyone legitimately use that word whilst avoiding the otherwise risqué connotations? Dunno) the iron-and-skull-encrusted fortress walls of our email inbox wall a few days ago. Of course, This Is Fake DIY beat us to the punch. Bloody Fake DIY. They’re always making us play second fiddle to their army of bloody psychic good-music detectors. Anyway, shit is good. Need U is the second effort from the budding production bloke (we’ve whacked previous effort Haze below for good measure, and also because it’s pure chill incarnate in its own right and we can clearly use as much of that pursey irie-ness as we can get right now), and we are reminding of the works of Dems, Disclosure and Draper (basically all the D’s, then) when we cruise through the Soundcloud player. One to watch, no doubt.

Oceaán – Need U


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