“Your Hair”


OhmanohmanohMANG. What a day. What a week. What a fucking life. We’re really glad we’re not at Glastonbury. No, seriously folks. We’re relieved. These damned hayfever pills have laid waste to our energy reserves and we’re super-sleepy pretty much all the time now. Moreso than usual, that is. In addition to this, we’ve found with 90% of our music business counter parts currently booming it up in what appears to be a shithole with a lot of tents, stages, pop-up bars and parodies of its own mentality, we find ourselves with a lot more free time than we usually have. To qualify that even further, that means that we have time to not only catch up on some serious rubbish that we’ve putting off for some time, and that we can actually find the time to eat during daylight ours. On top of that, we’ve been lubing up some deals we’ve been trying to put together for quite some time. You’d better watch out. We’ve got plans and now we have the green light to action them. So, we have earned a weekend. Will we get one though? Probably not. We do get to go to some media preview at the Drop Dead Clothing store this evening though. Draper invited us. We’re gonna be his date. Then we’re gonna see our mate Ralph who’s back from Ethiopia. In regards to the former activity, we’re not usually very good at media and/or fashion-based events. For a start, because we simply haven’t had to deal with general basics such as, dunno, getting a haircut. It’s like we’ve Darth Vader’s frigging helmet slapped on our bonce at the moment. Not cool. So, in celebration of that coupled with our inherent-exhaustion and excitement for what’s about to happen, here’s London new-guys Maxixe (allegedly pronounced “Max-cease”, for the phonetically-challenged) with the poignantly-titled Your Hair. Geddit? A particularly interesting sound to go with a clip that for some reason reminds us of staring out and being fucking terrified of the movement of spiders, we know little-to-nothing about these guys. We’re not even sure how they cropped up. Their facebook page was in a draft email we’d saved from about 6 months ago. Weird right? Anyway, this is meditation music, and a piece that we reckon sounds like Phil Collins doing Clock Opera doing Postal Service doing James Blake. That’s some doing.

Maxixe – Your Hair


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