We should seriously contemplate employing Birmingham’s Wide Eyed as scouts or something. Actually, we probably shouldn’t. If we did that we’d be completely stumble across the over-reaching point as far as our label and management output is concerned, moreso than we are already are. That being said, this is the second occasion that we just happened to be dicking about on Facebook (for work purposes, of course) at a silly evening hour, whilst the aforementioned band decided to throw big ups to their neighbours and current Track Of The Day’ers Swerve owing to their recent surfacing of current Track Of The Day Honeydripper. That’s pretty much all we know by way of context and/or background. At first instance of tucking into the music, we are reminded of a number of bands we encountered during our stint at Drayton Manor Sixth Form back in the extremely early noughties. Hell, some of them we were in ourselves. Super late-80’s and/or early-90’s indie rock was just, well, the one. Anyway, this might serve as an age indicator for the band members in this-here outfit itself (of which there are three, according to the internet), or more likely is the case that these guys clearly have a lot of love for – you guessed it – the stalwarts of 90’s indie rock. There’s clearly no fancy production work at play here – which we’re insinuating not least because of the vocal sitting within the track itself rather than an elaborate topline – and a seeming love for the structurally-simplistic-yet-outrageously-effective works of Happy Mondays, New Order, Symposium and a little smidgen of The Smiths. Try it for yourself. There is something undeniably addictive about this track. We guess that means its good and that.

Swerve – Honeydripper

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