“Gallows Bird”/”Carousel”


S’up. Ya good? Good weekend? Did you smash it up? Did you remember to have a good time? Did you kiss the prettiest girl/boy at the dance? None of that and you chose to chill instead? Cool. Whatever floats ya boat. We just want you to be happy. This is a theme that has resurged in several different-yet-similarly-themed contexts over the last 48 hours for several people that are in close proximity to yours truly. It may be via a culmination of like-events that for some odd cosmically-governed reason seem to be happening similtaneously, or it could just be us getting deep and philisophical on people’s asses. Or both. We like to get deep on the reg. Anyway, respecting the privacy of those we hold dearest, we can alleviate some of our cyptic blatherings by saying a lot of this has to to with acheiving one’s ambitions whilst not letting others who are important to the individual down. Do what you want, so long as it makes you happy; try not to worry what other’s expectations may be of you or you might spend so much time pondering how you’re getting on in that respect that you’ll acheive the same level of progress as a deer in headlights. That sort of thing. We imagine Toronto’s Beliefs go about doing what ever the fudge they fancy at any given time, which really goes some way to explain why we’ve heard several people bring them up in casual music-related conversation since the beginning of this year. Really, it is remarkable that it has taken us this long to get round to listening to these people, let alone write this shit up. Shoegaze appears to be the name of their game, and that’s more than ok by us. Having scored a release via the ever-on-it No Pain In Pop label (we met the guy who runs it once upon a time at last December’s Independent Label Market in Spitalfields, and refused to sell us his last remaining test pressing of GrimesGeidi Prime even though we’re pretty sure we offered to sell him Dan Croll in part-exchange; and before you start, Dan was quite up for this at the time) not too long ago, we are currently amazed and jaw-dropped by the aesthetic and sonic proficiency here, which at least in our minds puts these dudes on a par with something that sounds like Beach House doing My Bloody Valentine. We reckon that Carousel gives a bit of a Big Deal kinda flavour. Anyway. Listen to it.

Beliefs – Gallows Bird


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