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Yesterday ended on a bit of a sad note, so you’ll have to forgive us for continuing our lethargic mode of writing for a wee bit longer. Suffice to say we need to go home this weekend and be with our friend.  Professionally-speaking, we’re doing just fine. We think. Draper unveiled one of his greatest creations thus far on the world, which is called Men & Machines and if you’re into trippy videos you should really check that out. Carnival Kids also had a real sweet time in the video stakes; having unleashed the full promo clip for Fear Of Nothing (which is out in Scandinavia now by the way, Scandinavians) yesterday via our friends at District MTV, we were overjoyed to learn that having switched the bugger onto YouTube today that not only have they managed to crash the viewcounter thingy, but also Norway’s P3 radio station have only bloody gone and playlisted them. Cheers, Norway’s P3 station. We like you. And we’ve got some live news on the Rogue front to share with you shortly. Alongside even updating our long-neglected Club Killing Moon section last night to take our mind off things, we also found ourselves reading in relative silence (an activity we usually reserve for the tube commute, particularly when we get bored of staring out the same dude/pretending to read the same tube advert over and over again). Right now we’re about half-way though a book called How Soon Is Now? by a guy called Richard King, as recommended to us by our mate Cara, which is all about how various bedroom labels sprung up in the heyday of punk rock atop the ostensible DIY approach to making and releasing music that became the done thing at the time, then how all these labels got bought up by the dozen or so major labels that existed at the time. Presumably we are able to relate to such an occurence, and the inherent inner moral struggles that lay within usually pertaining to whether we consider ourselves sell-outs or not. We dunno. Anyway, in the book they’re talking about labels like Factory, Creation, and of course Rough Trade; and you know what? A band like Skinny Dream wouldn’t go amiss as one of the bands that are name-checked and/or associated with those aforementioned. It’s like these dudes are from the early 90’s itself; in a more modern-day context we guess this could easily be mistaken for something eminating from the so-called B-town scene (by the way, NME-and-we-guess-vicariously-Birmingham – Brighton peeps are well annoyed that you took their tag and whacked it onto another town beginning with the letter B. Just giving you the heads up). However, these three brothers and another guy are from Southend, which we’ve been to on a couple of occasions to rinse their budget-looking-but-not-budget-prices tracking studios and nearby Co-Ops. Cool. So we think that this sounds like a bit o’ Ride, meshed with a bit o’ Stone Roses, linked with a smidgen of Cocteau Twins, and there ain’t nothing wrong with that because it practically makes them the new sheriffs of Shoegaze Kingdom. It is also the perfect accompaniment to the think-about-life-and-death mood we’re in right now, so we’re pretty sure we can get behind this. Keep your eyes peeled for an EP by the name of Crushing from this lot that is supposed to be dropping in the next week or so.

Skinny Dream – Exhale


Skinny Dream – Alloa

Skinny Dream – Crush

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