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Whoo. WHOOOOOOOO. We made it. Friday. Now we’re in the mood. The mood to PARTY. Believe us, we think we’ve earned it just a little bit. This week has involved the following: signing fucking cool deals and/or getting other people to sign them (which we’re going to make a big ol’ song and dance about next week, belieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’ that); sorting out flats with and for classy people (twice actually. No big deal); getting booking agents locked in for certain people in, like, a day (it’s cool, whatever); making music videos happen (ain’t no thang); and a whole bunch of other cool shit that we can’t even remember right now because we’re too high on life. We also somehow managed to fit in the semblance of  a personal life at several stages throughout the week – for example, we went to the pub with the twinship that is Anne and Chloe (they’re real twins, y’know) yesterday, although proceedings were slightly marred just before dinnertime because we sort of got mugged by a dolled-up yellow-toothed lady, allegedly from Richmond, who stitched us up due to her desire to apparently buy a Jerry can. As ridiculous as this sounds, this actually happened. Anyway, as you can imagine, we’ve had a crazy-cray time throughout the last five working days and this could not be a better time for a band named Pear Shape to come along with a Track Of The Day called Carousel – the former because that generally how things were looking at several points this week, and the latter because we feel we’ve just come off of one that rotates at varied speeds for about, dunno, a long time. Anyway, a bit about these guys. They are Australian, or rather they are from Sydney which just happens to be in Australia. There are four of them, inclusive of 2 x chaps with the strong surname of Ellwood. They sound to us like Phoenix bumming Vampire Weekend. We think they are good. We think you should listen.

Pear Shape – Carousel

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