“New Daze”


UH YEAYUH. We’ve had a rather exciting 24-ish hours. Then again, are our hours anything less than exciting? Sure, occasionally certain eventualities are guilty of existing on the more-teppid end of the excitement spectrum – stuff like going to get lunch, which y’know is cool and all, but we do that sort of shit on the reg so it can’t be all that mental – but even more occasionally does the excitement levels push beyond heat levels that would rival the mighty sun itself. So, a couple of weeks ago, or maybe more like a month, we went ahead and blurted all over the Facebookinternet thingy that some Draper big-boy shit was going down. We’re very nearly there. Yesterday was a big step. We don’t know if we should open our big mouths about it just yet lest we fucketh thingies uppeth, but soon. Real soon. Anyway, this coupled with the wonderful round-off to today’s proceedings that we’ll be seeing our bro-mans The Vestals play to a sold-out Islington Academy in support of Young Kato (our guy Geth has been texting us rather spicy messages throughout the course of the day and sending us plenty of like-musical accompaniments) has left us in a pretty great mood, in case you couldn’t tell before. So we have a pretty upbeat Track Of The Day to go along with it, obviously. Enter Cheerleader. A guy told us about them, as guys usually do, a few moon-revolutions ago but he has politely requested that he remain anonymous for the purposes of this post. It’s all very smoke-and-mirrors you see. Anyway. Music. These guys are based out of the streets of Philadelphia, and moved there from somewhere. Or something. Anyway, the point is that this is the sort of shit that just makes you wanna drive with the sunroof down, stand out of it all Tom Hanks in Big-style, and just cruise down a road at a snails pace whilst bouncing to the summertime vibes and pointing at all and sundry a bit like this. In that respect, we reckon this sounds like Pixies doing Beck doing Peter Bjorn & John doing Dandy Warhols doing The Sleepy Jackson. Or something. We could be wrong. Don’t care. Too excited.

Cheerleader – New Daze

Have some mo’.

Cheerleader – Dreamer

Cheerleader – Do What You Want

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