Second Stab: Laurel
“Mankind” / Maker
“Devotion” / Lionface
“We Are Kings”

round two 1

Holy shit dudes. Is it the weekend yet? Certainly doesn’t bloody feel like it. We are very much facing the prospect of working right through until Monday at this rate. Oh woe is us. Moan moan whine whine. Still, as we a consistently told, these are good problems to have. Music to chat about. Shit to sell. Money to be made. Too many birthday parties that we said we’d go to because we haven’t seen the birthdayors in such a long time that it warrants actually attempting to be a birthdayee to no fewer than a thousand all on the same say (seriously, were you all actually born on the same fucking day? We love you all, but that’s just mental). Where did it all go wrong right? When did we forget the power of saying no, something that we realised and valued soon after getting turfed out of that bullshit job about three-ish years ago (has it really been that long? Huh)? Sometimes you just have to say no, kids. But one of those times is not today. Today, we are full of YEAYUH (and, evidently, full of shit seeing as this is one of our most cryptic and waffly preludes to a Second Stab feature we’ve penned thus far), and that is down to the ladies. Three ladies (kinda, more two actual ladies and one band comprised of lady plus man) in particular, who respectively have been blathered-on-about on this here bloggington in one capacity or another, who have recently surfaced stuff that reignites our body-grooving and makes us glow on the inside. Make of that what you will. Let’s do this…


Lady Laurel must be pretty happy these days. In fact, we know she is. We asked her yesterday, and she said she was. This is because her recent offering that surfaced a few weeks back, Blue Blood – notably her first in like a year or something like that – dusted away musical cobwebs and made them disappear like a fart in a gale-force wind with much aplomb following several heavyweight music sites and whatnot throwing it some substantial props. Now seems this one is giving it the old ch-ch-pow with even-newer effort Mankind. “That’s three out of three” says Breaking More Waves main-man Robin. Sure is. No doubt. Get into it. Also a double round of applause is duly sent to Laurel by us for successfully naming a song after the alternate persona of our second-favourite WWF wrestler OF ALL TIME Cactus Jack. That’s what we like to think anyway. We like to think our thoughts, sometimes.

Laurel – Mankind


Brighton dudes Maker seem to be having a ball of their very own as well, which is nice. They slung over this video yesterday and then when we were about to post it, they were all, like “do it tomorrow”. So here we are. Devotion represents the follow up to previous visual effort Missing and from what we understand the first single proper from the majestic foursome. Channeling a more pop direction for the outfit – and there ain’t nothing wrong with that, so long as it’s good, which it is – the track comes complete with a rather elaborate video clip. With actors and everything. Actors that get BLOODY NAKED. Just look at those tits, and with what ease the dude’s wee-wee is conveniently shrouded by leg and arse. Great work all round.



We dig Lionface. Bristol’s finest have been throwing more tunes down since they tipped up to play one of the last-ever CKMs at the Bull & Gate (nah, we’ll never get over that one. Although conveniently we now have a legit reason to hate Youngs the brewer other than being Fullers people. The utter fucks) and now return with this air-punching slice of electro-infused pop-rock called We Are Kings. Now all those recent calls for child actors via the Lionface facebook page make a lot more sense. The clip seems to involve a boy-Rambo who gets effectively bored of an elementary percussion class and goes to the woods to fuck up some creepy-digital-mask-people with a big stick. Are you not entertained? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?


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